Fishing Specials


Lake Huites is one of the most scenic lakes a bass fisherman will ever set his eyes upon. Nestled within the foothills of the Sierra Madre Mountain range, Huites was impounded in 1993 by the Mexican Government, predominantly for agricultural purposes to provide a consistent means of irrigation to the fertile fields and farmland. This 18-mile long lake was created by damming the Chinipas and Fuertes rivers. After the dam was finished, subsequent stockings with a pure strain of Florida largemouth bass has yielded a fishery that is unsurpassed by any current lake in the world.

Lake Huites Mexico opened to public fishing in October 1997. Fishermen can expect to catch between 50 to 60 bass per day by boat on just about any kind of lure they desire to throw. The bass will range from 1 lb to 10 lbs and possibly larger, with many of those bass weighing in at 4 to 8 lbs.

Lake Huites begins each season at near or full pool, covering nearly 30,000 acres of surface area. However, to meet the demands of farm irrigation, the level of the lake slowly declines during its eight-month season to about half the size.

Huites Bass Club Fishing Season

Is from September through June annually, although the lake offers excellent fishing on a year-round basis. We have discovered that the months outside of this prime fishing window (September through June) can be unpredictable and are often extremely hot or possibly rainy.