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Passport & Tourist Visa

Make sure you bring your Passport and Drivers License along, and you will be issued a Tourist Visa by Mexican Customs at the Port of Entry. Adult Americans traveling with a minor (17 or under...) are required to present a notarized letter from the absent parent(s) that they have permission to take the young person out of the country.

planeCommercial Airlines

Purchase your commercial flight to Los Mochis, Sinaloa, Mexico (which is 600 miles south of Arizona) through your LOS ANGELES, TUCSON, PHOENIX, LAS VEGAS, DALLAS, MEXICO CITY, MAZATLAN or LOS CABOS ticket broker or travel agent. Ground transport to the La Estancia lodge is approximately a 2 1/2 hour drive, in a modern air-conditioned van from Los Mochis.

pilot Private Pilot

4,200 foot long paved airstrip is available at El Fuerte, Sinaloa for private pilots and their aircraft. Aircraft security watchmen are available for US $15 a day.

car Driving Down

An alternate mode of transportation is to drive by automobile. It is approximately a 14 hour drive from Tucson, Arizona.

note Suggestions

At La Estancia, Huites Bass Club we have an excellent and well experienced staff ready to serve. When you plan your trip to Lake Huites you must think BIG! -- Leave your finesse stuff and tiny 6" worms behind and pack your bags with 8 inch worms, salamanders, brush hogs, 1/2 spinner baits, big cranks, 1/2 oz jigs and big trailers - it's time to test your swim baits. Spool 14+ lbs test resistant to abrasion line and get ready to catch some hawgs! Lake Huites has BIG Bass and when you hook up to your first 10 pounder of the day don't brag, because 10 pounds is not big for this lake.

By law you can only bring 4 rods with you, so choose MH and H power rods because you're going to need them. The only "problem" with Huites is the excessive abundance of fish between 1-5 pounds, you catch those by the truckloads, so using big baits culls most of them. The lake is a strong spinner bait, deep crank bait, carolina rig, top water, and rattle trap lake. Senkos do extremely well for your plastics, and big worms to T-rig on the cliffs. Lake Huites is a true anglers' heaven, or at least a very generous piece of it and you'll love it! -- just like we do.

sec Our Privacy Policy

At La Estancia, Huites Bass Club we will NEVER sell or give your personal information (including your e-mail address) details to any other person or organization unless we are required to do so by law. Any information you give us will be used only to keep you informed about Huites Bass Club fishing tours and promotions, and for internal statistical use.